Author name: kimtheng

Target Segments

The Cambodian financial market is developing rapidly and approaching the saturation stage. However, most commercial banks and MFIs are introducing both cash-flow and collateral-based lending. In general, they required real-estate property such as land and/or building to be served as collateral. According to the feedback from the market, some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are not able to get loans from banks or MFIs due to collateral requirements.

Current Account

Current account is a type of account that can be access to cheque book facility with USD and KHR currency, helping you to easily and safely manage your local payment. CURRENCY : Interest rate RIEL : 0.50% USD 0.50% Special Features Minimum opening balance: USD 15,000 or KHR 60,000,000 Interest Payment: Dialy or Monthly Customer …

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